Thank you to all who joined us for any of our PD Education Hours, with live viewings and discussions on select topics pertaining to PD.  If you missed any of them, or would like to see a presentation again, you can watch them at the links below.  We have also linked some handouts and articles for your reading pleasure.

Zoom link to join any upcoming LIVE PD Education Hour:


9/18/20:  Mindfulness Meditation

Sponsor:  PEP4U

Presenter:  Caryn Sussman

                     Mindful Heart Connection

Length:  40 minutes + Q & A


Caryn is a certified Mindful Meditation Teacher.  She offers both individual and group training and leads on-line meditations every week.  Caryn will show how MM can cultivate more ease, peace, clarity, and enhanced well-being.  Visit Caryn's website to see more of her offerings.

Ernie #2 will offer a brief personal anecdote.  Last week he had two root canals.  Using Caryn’s MM techniques, he nearly fell asleep multiple times during the 90 min procedure and experienced no “dental procedure” anxiety.

Caryn will cover several topics, including: 

  1. An overview of MM,

  2. The many benefits of MM,

  3. MM options,

  4. Resources for continuing your exploration of MM

Caryn will conduct a brief MM session during this webinar.  Find a comfortable chair, take a break, and enjoy the respite.

Please be sure to invite your support team and family members.  Everyone will enjoy and benefit from this session of the PD Education Hour.

Video Replay Link:  To be added once available


9/4/20:  Mood Changes -- Anxiety and Depression in PD

Sponsor:  MJ Fox Foundation

Presenter:  Multiple Professionals

Length:  50 minutes + Q & A


Karen Jaffee, a member of the MJFF Patient Council, moderates a discussion of mood changes with two Professors of Psychiatry as well as a PWP.


They cover several topics, including:

1) Why mood changes are typical for PWP

2) Differences between anxiety and depression

3) Treatment options

4) New research covering mood in PD

Video Replay Link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbqin8qpk0o


8/21/20:  Managing the Motor Symptoms in PD

Sponsor:  Parkinson's Foundation

Presenter:  Dr. Sotorios A. Parashos, Minneapolis Clinic of Neurology and Struther's Parkinson's Center

Length:  40 minutes + Q & A


Dr. Parashos explains the physiology associated with muscle control in a clear and simple manner.  He discusses how PD causes the motor symptoms we endure.  He spends a significant amount of time on how we can make simple changes to address freezing, falling, speech, and overall activities of daily living.  He is a big advocate of the LSVT Big approach and exercising.  There is an informative, 25 min. Q&A session after the 40-minute presentation.

Video Replay Link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALCJgNoBJGI&feature=youtu.be


8/6/20:  The Parkinson's You Don't See:  Cognitive and Non-Motor Symptoms

Sponsor:  Davis Phinney

Presenter:  Joanne Hamilton, Ph.D., ABPP-CN, Advanced Neurobehavioral Health of Southern California

Length:  26 minutes


I chose this for the first session because it addresses symptoms that are very much a part of Parkinson's.  While screening this video, there were numerous instances where I said out loud:  "That's me, for sure."  I came to realize that some of the first symptoms are not visible to others.  Dr. Hamilton includes a critical discussion of how to distinguish symptoms caused by Parkinson's from those caused by medications.  Dr. Hamilton is a very engaging speaker.  Her presentation is a must-see. 

Video Replay Link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2LP_5PC9LU

Recap and Discussion:

In our first PD Education Hour, we briefly discussed the difference between Parkinson’s induced cognitive impairment/dementia and Alzheimer’s.  We learned that Parkinson’s dementia does not “look like” Alzheimer’s. With PD dementia, you won’t “forget your loved ones.”  Here is a table showing the differences.  A written article that further discusses this topic has been uploaded to the Education page of this site. 


Class schedules can change periodically so please check our Class Schedule for current information.


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